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The Human Brain evolved to search for food, shelter, exercise, problem solving, and entertainment.

Without purpose and goals you can easily feel trapped by boredom which leads to depression.

STEP ONE You Need a Goal/Vision/Mission

A journey has a destination, a purpose to embark. This one should be for the good of you, to improve yourself. But It needs more. A heroic journey also includes the mission of helping others, improving the world for all. We have genetics that drive us to be altruistic, our Upper Nature, not just self motivation or survival of self, the Lower Nature. We need both to be balanced and healthy. In the survival of the fittest, the fittest is the one who is able to also work towards survival of group, the species. We need others and they need us.

Formulate your mission philosophy, a vision that uses your interests and talents to the betterment of all. It should be fun and enjoyable. If you are good at something it will be satisfying and beneficial to all. Music, art, literature, science, sports, the list is endless. You are unique and your mission will be so too.  

STEP TWO Know Your Personality

You need to be familiar with the widgets that make up your personality. We have four basic personalities and the widgets often act differently with each. I have included a key below that explains and the roles of the widgets that make up the different personalities. The photo gallery has the same key and one for children that may be helpful. But it is most helpful if you have gone over the blogs now or later as you fee the need for more detail.

The blogs, as they are developing, will eventually be ten to twenty small posts each with pictures and then only cartoons using the widgets to help explain human interactions but not new basic personality concepts. The four personalities and their corresponding blogs are as follows.

(1) Biological personality that we are born with and changes with age, accidents, and illness. To explore this visit

(2) Family personality that we learn from growing up with others. To explore this visit

(3) Cognitive personality that we get by investing in a cultural, spiritual, or otherwise belief system. To explore visit The blog explores the battle of the sexes as a starter.

(4) Situational personality that we display in our actions in any particular situation where we could use our talents and skills. To explore visit The blog explores jobs.

Also in these connected blogs is a blog on Consciousness and the Blog on Personal Growth. They too are of interest in exploring psychological concepts or philosophies. 

Also in these connected blogs is a blog on Consciousness and the Blog on Personal Growth. They too are of interest in exploring psychological concepts or philosophies.



To continue with steps three to seven press the topics in the menu under the Start Personal Journey in the menu bar above. Topics in each section will be filled in as time goes by. You can suggest topics or ask questions by contacting us below.


Click and follow the Front Page on Our Journey. This too is in progress and may be in blog posts.


Contact Me Below or Ask Questions in Q & A Forum in navigation bar above.

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