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STEP SEVEN Putting It All Together

Control your widgets and you can go and accomplish you dreams.

Where the Rubber Meets The Road and Driving Ok, ready to balance these widgets and get the best out of all of them. They communicate with each other and try and control Mr./Ms Do, who tries to control them, and our bodies try to over ride them all. We call it Me, I, and Myself respectfully.

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(I) Don't Tune Out Consciousness, MR.DO, he/she helps us change, and hold back Dragon until needed! When anxiety is out of control it is fine to get busy and tune it out UNTIL its under control, then it is time to be more aware of what caused or preceded the anxiety so you can change your perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions or environment, so you do not have to be so busy so often that it interferes with your growth and daily living and hurts you and others. Consciousness IS your freewill, your ticket to change, your hope of accomplishment. The answer to the old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, nature or nurture, is what ever you choose to let be first. You can change the environment to effect you differently, breed birds to change the egg from a goose egg to a golden egg. When you choose choice to be first you are behind the drivers seat and not driven by chance. Choose to stay in tune, or tuned in. Sign up for our newsletter to follow this and other fun things to come with Mr/Ms Do, conscious fun changes.

(A) Free Will Is When Widgets Talk and Share If we are only looky looks we are helpless to do anything. If we only want to do something and never look around we are helpless again. Or perhaps we only think about it and never get motivated or explore possibilities. Then again, lets say we try to do something without exploring, without motivation, or without thinking it out, we soon feel helpless, fail, or just plain give up. So if we really want to succeed we take it in the right steps, we explore the possibilities, let ourselves get excited about it as we explore, and at the same time think about how we could do it, and perhaps try a few things. If it does not work we explore some more, dust off the failure and get excited again, think a bunch more after looking at why it may not of worked, and try again. Leaving out any of these steps makes it harder. Consciously try and improve on each step by reading over the topics previously covered, The four steps are the natural process of the brain that makes all things possible if they really are. If others can do it so can you.

(B) Shoot for the Stars and Bless the Clouds We must have a dream, a vision, a pie in the sky optimism, to help the world be a better place for everyone type dream. Then we have direction, energy, a purpose, reason to go on in the face of hard knocks. Without that you are at best at dirt level, hoping not to fall into a whole and be forgotten. Aim for the starts and bless the clouds as you reach out to touch them. It beats the worms you see in the dirt and, hay, if you see an angel or two in the clouds, well, it makes your day. If you feel you can not get off the ground then you need to work on improving yourself. That is what these tips are all about. You may want to start from the ground up. So know your personality. That's the next tips. But be looking up too. That is where you will be heading. Look down to avoid the wholes but never ever forget where you want to go. 

(C) Know Your Four Personalities (links to blogs) Your biological personality is what your were born with or what your are after an illness, injuries, or other brain traumas such as drugs and alcohol, or malnutrition and you may not be able to change it but you can learn to work with it or around it. You, the consciousness, is not the same as the brain abilities. They are tools, and you can always improve on them. Biological personality is explained in Family or emotional personality is often the root of our problems. Insights into the flashbacks from childhood can ofter help us overcome the problems. You can always e-mail me and ask questions to help you with that. The blog that explains emotional personality is Cognitive personality comes from our beliefs and understandings of the world and has a huge impact on our ability to adjust or find our way. You can e-mail me on any questions on all the above and below. The blog that explains cognitive personality is The fourth personality type is situational, we behave differently in different situations or in situations other than the familiar such as home and work. The blog that explains more about situational personality is Be sure a check out consciousness and its role at .

(D) Put them together into one personality and the dominate four widgets talk and share.

Without conscious control our thoughts can be jumbled, a free association or flight of ideas much like our dreams. The four stages of the brain, sensing, feeling, thinking, and actions can be wild, weird, and at times a nightmare. Our consciousness stops this bazaar process and shapes our stages into seeing the world closer to reality, having appropriate feelings, thoughts, and actions. Our consciousness monitors our brain processes for the here and now. It helps our widgets, stages of the brain, coordinate to better match the environment. Our senses connect with the physical world, our feelings alert us to pleasant and unpleasant things and events, our thinking checks out past, present, and future possibilities, and our actions play them out. If the widgets are not talking to each other it can be a real mess. All stages are dependent on the senses to orient, on the emotions to put value on things, events, or people, on thoughts to research and advice, and on skills, talents, and habits to know what is possible. The four stages are talking back and forth, with the help of consciousness, to put to gather possible scenarios that may work.

(II) Improve Widgets Communication Between Themselves


(1) Ant and Bee: Improve the Senses

(a) Starting with The Senses

Everything starts with the senses, even if it is only a memory of what has been sensed. If we check out the environment constantly for what is there, what is different, what is similar, and what are the patterns of change we know what we are working with rather than what we think we are working with.

(b) Consulting with the Senses

We need to check back with the senses to see if they match our feelings of fear or love so we are not getting all worked up about a fantom. We need to check back with our senses as we think about things, do we have the facts right, or are we again living in a fantasy. When we change things with our actions are they matching with what we seen and where we want to go. Or are we building irrelevant things, or changing things to no avail.

(c) Priming the Senses

Feeling tell the senses what to look for, listen to, etc. Fear puts us on alert for danger, love for pleasure, thinking for our style, and actions for change. Consciousness tries to control the priming for success and to avoid to much nonsense consequences that get us no where.

(2) Macho and Cuddles: Control Fears and Love

(a) Fears Alert You But Love Takes Down Your Guard

Fear alerts us to possible danger by its memory of bad things and warnings. This is necessary but when fear is too strong it can freeze us in place, make us take flight, or fight. Consciousness may need to tame down our fears with pleasant loving thoughts about places, events, or others. Our nervous systems find it hare to love and be afraid or angry with someone at the same time. Loving thoughts and feelings can tame that allowing us to risk a bit more.

(b) Love Is a Guide

Love is a guide to how to treat others. If we have empathy we can observe what we are doing wrong and change our perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and actions. Without love, what to do next is a guessing game.

(c) Thoughts guide Love

Love can get out of control. Our belief systems can guard us against loving the wrong things. If people, at the first sign of addiction coming were to thwart their inklings, that can get them into addictions or unwanted love relationships, and get themselves out of impending bad situations, they and the world would be a much better place. People who will quote fantasy movies to illustrate a point, fear quoting a religions belief thinking it is illogical. Yet we have tons of illogical myths about true love and they have been the downfall of many.

(3) Geru: Learn to Learn Again and Again

(a) ABC's

A, the act someone does, does not cause C, the consequence of your emotions and actions, but B, your beliefs, decides what you look for, how you process your emotions and thoughts, and how to proceed. We need to confront our assumptions more and learn to better observe and better process. When we look for differences, similarities, and patterns among all the contributing factors we then want to see what kind of story the patterns play out. What are the themes and possible outcomes? Then we can test our hypotheses by changing something to see what happens differently then we imagined. We again can now look for new factors, similarities, differences, patterns, and allegories or story lines.

(b) Play

Children play because that is how the brain works to learn and enjoy learning. Make things playful and fun. Your motivation will be better.

(c) Backward Learning

Backward learning happens when something overwhelms us, such as an argument with another person. We are not sure what lead up to it. So we think back as far as we can, which may not be very far, lets say three events or thoughts. The next time a similar argument happens we recognize those three things and stop a little sooner, and then we think what happened before those three things came to mind. Now perhaps we can remember three more previous events or thought. The third time it happens we go back another three events or thoughts. Eventually we can begin to see the first event or thought that started the cascade of previous thoughts and emotions. Now we can stop arguments similar by confronting our assumptions that lead to the consequence, ABC, and choose better observation, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Then we are more in charge of the situation

(4) Turtle: Stop, Look, Listen, Think

Patience, patience, patience, give yourself time to stop, look, listen, and think. This is a conscious act that should become a habit unless there is really, truly, a dangerous situation that you have to act quickly.

(5) Rabbit: Acting On It

(a) Practice: The brain has to make connections to make habits. Practice makes those connection and keeps them vital. Make practice a habit.

(b) Risk: Once you observe better, judge better about danger and value, think and learn better, you can then risk with more success. Do not risk beyond sense and sensibility if it can be damaging to you and others. We never have a right to risk others safety.


Let Mr/Ms Do Control Dragon into Battle. What I mean by that is our Lower Nature comes in handy in dangerous situations but Dragon and gang can go amok without the Upper Nature's input. We have better results if we consciously can remember things to look for, remember better more positive reactions, think more clearly, and act in workable ways. The best battles are when Mr/Ms Do and crew rides Dragon and gang into battle. Dragon and gang is a small primitive part of the brain without too much thinking and no positive memories.

(1) Spiedie: Being Honest most of the time

Monitoring Self and others is important to be able to predict what others may do. Lies and deception to self and others makes it really hard to work in reality and find solutions that will work. Strive to tell as much truth as you can. If others do not want to hear it you can be silent or put things in a softer more loving way so they can look at it.

(2) Raccoon: Caring for Others

It is perfectly fine to be selfish and be by ourselves if it does not cause others more pain then we are feeling to be with them. When we make decisions we need to be fair and take others into consideration. That does not mean we must suffer to no end for others. It only means we share our time as needed. There are times we all need to go hide our heads in the sand and just rest and recoup.

(3) Crow: Crow Soup

Let face it, we cannot always be right and so we all have to eat crow. If we blame others we are again living in an unreal world unless someone really did do it. But even then they may have done what they thought was best for the time and moment and were ignorant about what really works. So again, we have to eat crow as we too can be ignorant as what to do next.

(4) Coyote: Being Assertive

Rather than be aggressive we should be assertive. We can set boundaries but be fair to others and they usually will negotiate. If they do not we have to find other solutions. Only when we are trapped and in danger is fighting a needed solution.


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