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Welcome to personal power, personality growth, internet counseling, marriage counseling, success, books, personality shirts, question and answer, a counselors life, and more.

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The SEVEN STEPS of your journey are outlined in the next page to help you in your Personal Journey for Personal Growth, which leads to better success by giving you personal and interpersonal power. 

Your Personal Journey The Journey guides you through the stages of self exploration and improvement with free tips. It also links to other sites, to learn your four different personalities, (biological, family, cognitive, and action/situational) to help in your Journey if you wish more detail. Sign in (upper right on side bar) and you will get an email when the sites fill in with information or more information. This site will grow and you can request subjects to grow it in the direction you need. Click Start Journey under Personal Journey.


You can go to PSYCHOTOONS for an explanation of the characters and the purpose of the web site or for a more detailed view of the roles each character plays in personality, or you can just continue on and refer to the others as needed or as curiosity guides you. Some CARTOONS are in the Photo Gallery that may help with character and roles. They may change from time to time or new ones may be added.

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