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STEP FIVE Improve Cognitive Personality

The Nurd's Personality often has a weak Conscious choice. Their Ant (perception of detail) and Bee (perception of patterns) are strong. They can tend to be a bit paranoid as their fearful Macho may overshadow their loving Cuddles, even if they have a big heart. Patient Turtle lets them sit and play video games by the hour as energetic Rabbit shrinks. Geru who thinks about the bigger picture of reality is over shadowed by their love of Crow's 

fantasy, and they can blame others for their shortcomings. Their Lower Nature alter ego Dragon then can grow. They may not deceive, (Spiedy) but can have a selfish Raccoon. They may be only passive aggressive as energetic Rabbit and Coyote are smaller.

Cognitive Personality This is the biggest and most complex of our four personalities and the easiest to work with. It changes constantly as we learn to learn and learn bigger and better ways of doing things. For convenience and simplicity I am going to address issues under the widget titles. We need to choose to change by questioning our limitation in our beliefs to open up to the situations better or to better situations.

For better detail on the four personality types,


review and for the definition of cognitive 

personality and free will specifically 



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