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Change Yourself, and Others For Better Relationships, In Four Stages

Our Upper Nature widgets on the left are what help us perceive the world properly, have appropriate emotions, think clearly and realistically, and patiently act accordingly. Consciousness, seen in image below, keeps them focused on the process of daily living. Dragon, seen in picture below, is our Alter-ego and in defensiveness mode lies, is selfish, blames others in a false fantasy, and can be aggressive.

We perceive things, have an emotional reaction, think about it, and act on it. Each of these four stages effect the other three. Lets call it or Upper Nature. If we do not see reality, feel the appropriate emotion, have false beliefs, or no appropriate actions that we know of we change each stage, we are lost.

And if we are defensive the four stages turn to deception to us or us to others, selfish emotions, fantasy to evade reality, and aggressive or otherwise non productive behaviors. Lets call it our Lower Nature or Survival Mode, a very small primitive part of out brain. Each Lower Nature stage effects the others Lower Nature stages. Lies change emotions, emotions evoke beliefs, beliefs change our perceptions and emotions and our habits or action, talents, or skills will effect how we act.

I have given each stage, Upper and Lower Natures, widgets to help you see how they interact.

I call them widgets and added two more, our Consciousness and our Alter-Ego, a little guy that represents the bodies number of connections to our body. The Head, Mouth, Hands, and Feet are large because we use them so much. The Alter-Ego is a dragon because we like to hold our ill gained stuff and treasures in caves and defend them.

The Widgets, shown below, are all in fun but their size in relation to each other determines our personalities as you can see in the picture below. I have two video’s to help you get a better idea of what I am talking about. I will have links to different web sites if you want to explore for fun and to see if there are some you like better than others. You can email me and request I play out some situations and personalities. Groups of people, because they are the sum of who is in the group, can also have personalities and can cause different situations because of it.

I want to help you to be able to assess your self and other, as individuals or groups, so you can better see their inner dynamics. They you can better predict how you or others will act or interact, and how you can help change the situation by helping yourself or others change their widgets to better adjust to each other. With better predictions we can plan our lives and interactions so they work the way we want them to. 

Grandma's Upper Nature widgets are reaching out to Grandpa and at the same time her consciousness is keeping her Lower Nature widgets in check. Grandpa's Upper Nature widgets are ignoring her to look at his iPad. Dragon, his Alter-ego is helping his Lower Nature widgets to grow to defend himself from her interruption of his viewing his iPad.

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